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After the car-crushing, caravan-smashing fun of summer 2023, Monsterslam is BACK at Quex Park with more metal-mashing fun on Sunday 11th August 2024.

Big Pete, The Grim Reaper and the quite incredible Swamp Thing take to the arena once more, showcasing why they're considered the very best in the business.


Fans of FMX will be excited to see Bolddog Lings Freestyle Display Stunt Team perform all of the top death defying freestyle motorcross moves.  The Stannage Stunt Team perform stunts such as Motorbike Jumps, Fire Runs, High Falls, the amazingly dangerous Flaming High Dives, Quad Stunts, the Exploding Coffin and much more!

Ready for Renegade? Monster Truck ride Extreme Express will be offering visitors the chance to feel what it's like to ride in the back of a real monster truck (height restrictions apply. Optional, chargeable activity)

There'll be fairground rides* for the big and little, giant inflatables* face painting*, cute, cuddlies, and creepy crawlies, plus another huge selection of freshly cooked street food, ice-creams, and a well-priced licensed bar.


There's a morning or afternoon show to choose from when booking your tickets. 

*Optional, chargeable atrractions. Due to the popularity of Extreme Express Monster Truck rides, rides cannot be guaranteed for all and queues are to be expected for the hugely popular attraction, see FAQs for more details.


Big Pete & Grim Reaper

Big Pete logo

The World's biggest Monster Trucks!

Big Pete, is the world’s only real monster truck, at 16ft tall and 12ft wide, weighing 7.5tons.


Jumping 15ft in the air is an impressive sight for any event, crushing anything in its path - built for one reason only – mass destruction! Big Pete is one of Europe’s largest Monster Trucks with a full size American truck body, and is partnered by the whopping Grim Reaper, the lighter, more modern looking monster truck that flys through the air.

Swamp Thing logo

Swamp Thing 4x4 is a Ford F350 Super Duty, 12ft high, 12ft wide and 12ft long! The man behind the wheel of the big green smiling machine is pro driver Tony Dixon.

Seeing monster trucks on TV at Christmas time during the early 80’s Tony was inspired that one day he would own his very own monster truck. He debut in Swamp Thing 4x4™ wearing its now classic alligator paint job in 2003 and Remodelled it in 2005.


Performing at shows all over the UK and Europe He has also been on many TV shows and has had his very own TV series called Monster Mania.

Swamp Thing


Freestyle FMX

Anchor 2
BoldDog Logo

The UK’s number one motorcycle display team, the Bold dog Lings team base their show around the world’s largest and most sophisticated mobile landing system.

The show features the UK’s top ranked freestyle motocross riders, incorporating the latest heart stopping tricks as usually only seen on TV. The team set the standard and continue to push the boundaries of FMX and lead the way for all motorcycle display teams.

The team also provides an informative on board commentary by the riders even talking to the crowd while performing a trick flying 35ft in the air.

The Stannage International Stunt Team logo

Aaron Stannage has been riding motorbikes since the age of 3 and soon after took part in his first stunt show perfomring bike jumps. At the age of 7 he performed his first high fall and is now the manager of the Stannage Stunt Team.

The Stannage Stunt Team perform stunts such as Motorbike Jumps, Fire Runs, High Falls, the dangerously amazing Flaming High Dive, Quad Stunts, the Exploding Coffin and much more!

Stannage Stunt Team


Optional Attractions*

If the main shows get you excited for more high octane entertainment, then there's plenty of optional chargeable extra atrractions for all ages, including Extreme Express Monster Truck Ride, Mini Monster Trucks, inflatables, fairground rides and of course plently of food stalls and a licensed bar.

*All option attractions are chargeable. Please note that due to the popularity of Extreme Express Monster Truck Ride, rides cannot be guaranteed for all and queues are to be expected for the hugely popular attraction, see FAQs for more details.

Monster Truck Ride.jpeg

Extreme Express
Monster Truck Ride

Buckle up for the ultimate adrenaline rush with the Extreme Express Monster Truck Ride – it's bigger, louder, and wilder than ever!


There are no age restrictions to enjoy this ride however passengers must be at least 3ft or 90cm tall and be able to sit in their own harnessed chair onboard. (strictly no sitting on laps)


Extreme Express is £12 per seat (adult or child) and cash or card is accpeted. Queues are to be expected when waiting to ride Extreme Express, due to its popularity. 

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