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In July  2021, thousands looked on in awe as our hulking Monster Trucks jumped and crushed cars and caravans. 


Watching these metal beasts jumping 15ft in the air is an impressive sight to behold!

Weighing in at 7.5 tons these awesome machines are back with new friends for 2022 - built for one reason only – mass destruction! Big Pete is one of Europe’s largest Monster Trucks with a full size American truck body, and is partnered by the whopping Grim Reaper with Swamp Thing and Red Dragon Monster Truck rides* added to the day! 

Enjoy another fantastic Monster Truck showcase in 2022 - crushing cars, pulling and tearing them in half, with exploding caravan carnage! It's not just Monster Trucks though, the action is complimented with death defying Motorcycle stunts and action packed stuntman shows too!


Get ready for amazing performances with entertaining radio commentary by the drivers and riders throughout the shows.

Between shows, you are invited to meet the team in the holding area and maybe grab a chance to have your picture taken with a real monster truck!

*Please note that due to the popularity of Red Dragon Monster Truck rides, rides cannot be guaranteed for all and queues are to be expected for the hugely popular attraction, see FAQs for more details.

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Squibb Freestyle 

Motorcycle Stunt Team!


A nationally acclaimed team with one of the largest, most high tech landing ramps in the world, ridden by the world’s best freestyle  professionals.


The ramp allows the riders to jump gaps of over 75 feet and reach heights of over 35ft in the air, which gives the riders enough “air-time” to perform an array of death defying tricks usually only seen on T.V. 


The show features tricks such as the ‘look back heart attack’, ‘holy grab’, ‘cliff hanger’, ‘kiss of death’, ‘dead body’ and many more. Many of these moves will result in the rider exiting their seat, taking their hands off the handlebars and rotating their body around the bike!


The team is fronted by Jamie Squibb who also provides his own onboard commentary whilst performing tricks 35feet in the air!

Last year for many, the FMX displays were some of the best parts of Monsterslam and you're guaranteed further edge-of-your-seat stuff from a team that are one of the best in the business!

Between displays the public are more than welcome  to make their way over to the interactive stand where they can get a closer look at the bikes and meet the riders. - and maybe grab a selfie or two!

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These guys are on fire!
The Stannage Stunt Team

Feeling hot..hot..hot?

You will be! The stannage stunt team perform death-defying stunts including a blazing fall from a tower, the 'exploding coffin' - one of their team is sealed inside a coffin and underneath bags containing flammable liquid - wired to triggers are placed.

You guessed it - the bags are detonated and the coffin and its poor guest are covered in flames as the coffin explodes!

Look out for other stunts and tricks complete with some comedy commentary throughout!

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