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A Big Stage Productions & Jumping Jellie Entertainment Event. Registered Company in England & Wales Company Number: 10562696. Vat Registration Number: 300054083

Registered Address: 153 Mortimer Street Herne Bay Kent CT6 5HA


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"After watching thousands enjoy Monsterslam at Quex Park in summer 2019 how could we not do it again? This time we thought we'd ramp up the adrelaine rush by including some of our past airshow friends - plus an amazing stunt team that seem to enjoy setting themselves alight!"


- Gerald McCarthy, Co-organiser -


As organisers of a number of major events including the Southeast Airshow (which featured a host of jets including the Red Arrows, Eurofighter, and even a MiG-15, along with classic vintage warbirds such as the Lancaster and Spitfire) we feel we know what types of events bring that adrenaline rush that we all crave from time to time.

Monster Trucks and daredevil motorbike stunts also tick this box, and you can be assured of a great fun family day out watching the experts do what they do best - wreck things and perform incredible stunts (although the Eurofighter won't be performing at this event sadly!) 

Have your phones and cameras charged on Sunday 5th July and get ready to make some memories!

- Gerald McCarthy & Scott Turner -


   MonsterSlam 2